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Teaching - Magic Class

This is a magic class for senior/boomers to learn how to perform simple magic tricks for fun and laughter.

Learning the secrets and the simple techniques of performing a magic trick has many benefits.

First it is FUN! Fun to learn, fun to perform and fun for everyone to watch.

Secondly: Learning stimulates the mind, raises self-esteem, builds confidence, increases communication skills and it provides a sense of accomplishment.

Thirdly; It is the perfect activity. It holds people's attention...creates curiosity...and it incorporates a mind/eye/hand coordination.


Here are a few of the many magic tricks taught in the class:

Coin tricks
Card Tricks
Rope Tricks
Handkerchief tricks
Mental Tricks
Joke Tricks

I offer a one time class or a series of  one hour classes every week depending upon your needs and interest.

For over ten years I taught magic classes in the after school programs in the public school systems.  When I teach senior/boomer class I just go a little bit slower.....(rim-shot! That was a joke.)

I have been teaching magic tricks to senior/boomer groups for many years now and I have found great enjoyment working with them. Most take the class just because it is fun...other want to learn a few tricks to entertain and humor their grand children. Everything I teach in these classes are simple to perform and yet the tricks will fool the skeptics.

Class fees with vary depending upon the times, location and the supplies needed for each class.

Call for details and to find out if a Magic Class is something you want to offer your senior/boomer group?

Steve Hart

Contact: Steve 321-258-8132 

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