The Magic Comedy Show
Magician, Steve Hart plus "Whoopsie" and Rufflez the Clown.
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Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus creates a wondrous and magical Christmas experience for children of all ages. Your child will fully enjoy the Christmas Lore and Magical Storytelling that Mrs. Claus brings to the occasion. Her stories delight and bring smiles, joy, laughter and fun to the holiday celebration.

Mrs. Claus seamlessly weaves storying telling, a craft, magic, Santa’s favorite cookies, Christmas Carols, and the children's question/answer session that is not to be missed.

Choose your options to customize Mrs. Claus's visit. Visitation packages vary by activities and times up to 90 minutes of pure excitement and joy! 


Offering no contact visits.

Call now to arrange your visit and choose your options. 

Alene Kraus (Mrs. Claus) - 610-864-5969
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